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Brian Jacques Is Dead [07 Feb 2011|06:30pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Brian Jacques has died.

The BBC reports that he died from a heart attack that occurred during the weekend.

Terrouge reports that it will post an issue with any artwork or written tribute that you wish to display in public.

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Fic Recs? [05 Sep 2010|02:20am]

If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete.

I recently reread the entire Redwall series, but as long as I've been a fan(10 years, wow!), I've never been a participant in the fandom. So I was wondering if anyone knew of some good fics they could recommend me. Preferably featuring Martin and anyone else from his three books, but I'll give anything that's well written a shot.

Thanks in advance!
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6 icons, Redwall animation & Triss UK cover [21 May 2010|10:37pm]

It'd be nice if you did, but you don't need to comment with which ones you take. What I do ask, however, is that you credit me ([personal profile] nijibug/nijibug). In addition to the editing, I also took the screenshots myself.

Seirei no Moribito x10 | Faerie's Aire and Death Waltz x2 | Redwall x6

( The rest are here at my journal )
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Hi all and a question :) [05 Dec 2009|09:47pm]

Hello there!
I'm Huilisti, a 18-year old Finnish Redwall-fan for a bit over 10 years, nice to meet you! In some other places around the Internet I'm also known as Kuunvarjo Kultaturkki the squirrel and Stella Polaris the fox. :)
My favourite Redwall books include Taggerung and High Rhulain, but I love all the books dearly. <3

By the by, does anyone know where to download Songs of Redwall? :3
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Halp! [08 Feb 2009|04:49pm]

REDWAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL ;) couldn't help myself....

Hi all :)

Huge Redwaller here - read and own all the books and all that. They are AMAZING!

I am so desperate right now - does anyone know or have the Redwall show for download? I would so appreciate a point in the right direction - if anyone has one :)

I downloaded it from one place, but its incomplete and it skips - frustrating!

I have looked in all the usual places, and I cannot afford it at Amazon/eBay with the ridiculous price it is :(

Thank you SO much to anyone who can help in advance.
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RedWall One-shots [07 Feb 2009|11:51pm]

[ mood | flirty ]

Hello, everybody! Just introducing myself and bringing some (old, old) stories to the community. (Trying to gain some friends, really.) This is my first time posting my RedWall fics on LJ but it's defiantly not my first time posting on LJ at all. So here it goes.

I bring four fics: three Martin/Rose and one Matthias/Cornflower. They're generic and probably seem very similar to most fics featuring those pairings, but I love them all the same, because they are my babies. Warning though, I wrote them when I was a teenager so they're at least four or five years old!!

One-Shots HERECollapse )
*** Mods, I didn't seen anything in the rules against this, but if you feel it is against your wishes I'll delete it immediately.

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Terrouge Forums Up Again [13 Jul 2008|08:59pm]

The Terrouge Forums are up again.

Thank you very much for your patience over the last month while Philip has worked to get the forums back online.

As of this moment, they are once again open and available for posting. There should be no differences from how they were prior to the crash. If you notice any issues (e.g. forums in the wrong place, missing posts, incorrect permissions, etc.) please let us know.
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[08 Jul 2008|12:11pm]

 I had read Mattimeo back when I was in highschool years ago and am thinking of reading mattimeo again as well as some others. I was wondering, is there any particular order to which I should read them? Are there any you would recommend avoiding for any reason?
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[25 May 2008|10:58pm]

Hey everyone! Just joined. I have just recently gotten into Redwall again. I was obsessed years back and now that I'm home from school I'm realizing the obsession double-fold. I'm reading Bellmaker right now and can't wait to start on Eulalia. What are people's thoughts on how the book compares to other ones from the series?
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[04 Feb 2008|01:29pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I actually have a Brian Jacques question in general.

You see, I'm on High Rhulain and Eulalia right now, but at the same time I am reading his other series, The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, or rather I just finished the second novel: The Angel's Command and I was wondering, will there be a fourth book to that series?  I have the third one called Voyage of Slaves and I really like this series a lot.

It's so totally Brian Jacques and yet completely different, it's very very good.  But yeah, so I was curious, does anyone know if there is talk of a fourth book?

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ideas and help [20 Mar 2006|07:28pm]

I am wondering if anyone here would like to help start a page and RP room of Redwall on Sorcery.net IRC. If you do I have ideas for rules of creation and game play but I would need some one to do the web page and help me set up the room

If you do let me know ok?

Oh here or email me

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[08 Feb 2006|08:52pm]

I don't know how many of you realize this, but there is a MUCK based on Redwall. a MUCK is a kind-of like an mmorpg, but everything is text. It takes a bit of getting used to, but its by far the best gaming sysytem out ther, in my opinion, as you have complete and utter control over everything. Either way the site is here:


I'm on as several characters, but mainly as mudslide if you need help.
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Cluny Love! [22 Jan 2006|08:48pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Ok, I love to make fun of Cluny the Scourge from Redwall, so here are some icons to make up for all those comments I made!


Just click on the link!


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My first post... [21 Jan 2006|09:34pm]

[ mood | bored ]

I friended this community months ago, then forgot all about it, I think.

My name's Lina, and I've been a Redwall fan for... at least four years, I think, maybe five. I love everything about the world, and devote a significant part of my time for the past three years to the infamous RPing site, Dibbuns Against Bedtime, which I love.

Recently, I just finished reading High Rhulain. If anyone here has not read it, I would go out and do so. It's really an excellent addition to the series. It's got a fresh style to it, and yet an old comforting feeling at the same time. The characters are good, the story is plausible, and the names aren't half as lame as they were in Rakkety Tam or Loamhedge.

But, yes! Here I am!

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25 Total [13 Jan 2006|08:22pm]

[ mood | creative ]

25 Icons Total

9 Mary Poppins
16 Redwall


Icons make me happy!

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Hi! [08 Jan 2006|08:43pm]

Hi! I just love Redwall, I have every since I first started reading them (which was a long time ago...). However, I just now started looking for Redwall communities! I've made some icons though, I'll post a few now! Yay!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

What do you think?
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[09 Dec 2005|04:23pm]

[ mood | (I have a cold) ]

Well, you all remember me telling you about this Redwall meal that I was doing as a final project for my cooking class. Well, I did it on Wednesday and it was a huge success!!!!! The two guests I had invited loved it. They were two professors at my school who also love the Redwall books, Mr. and Mrs. Delong. (Mrs. Delong was my Children's Literature professor last year). As soon as I can I'll put a picture up here on livejournal from the event. I made Strawberry Fizz instead of Cordial and the Fizz turned out great, as did everything else!

Also, the very next day I saw Mr. and Mrs. Delong, and as a thank you that gave me a gift: "Triss"!!!!! It's so beautiful and I can't wait to read it, but I gotta get through my other Redwall books first. I'm almost done with "The Bellmaker" :)

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Yay! [21 Nov 2005|10:33pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I just received an email notice from Amazon.com that my Redwall movie DVD has shipped!! I won't get to watch it until next week, though - but I'm so excited, I can't wait to watch it.

Oh, today I was able to practice some of the Redwall foods that I'll be making or my meal for class, the rosemary popovers were delicious, as were the strawberry scones with meadowcream! The strawberry cordial didn't come out right, but perhaps once I can get the Redwall Cookbook I'll be able to find a good strawberry cordial recipe. Also, I didn't have a blender and I used too much water, so those were definitely some factors. I didn't get to try the leek soup because the grocery store up here were my dad lives didn't have any leeks. So that will have to wait.

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RIN Question [16 Nov 2005|12:42am]

Has anyone heard if the Redwall Interactive Novel obtained clearance from Brian Jacques?
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Redwall salad [12 Nov 2005|12:25am]

[ mood | tired ]

Can anyone think of a simple Redwall salad that does not involve fish of any kind??? I want to add it to my meal for my class, but I can't find a decent one.

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